Where The Old World Meets The New World...

The frequent incorporation and many times overuse of dry-laid interlocking material results in a “cookie cutter’ feel to many hardscape designs.

Our strategic use of traditional mortar based masonry materials serves to provide an old world look in new world designs.

Our incorporation of brick face, tile and stone to construct distinctive features such as masonry planters and benches serves to provide a unique look and feel to your hardscape.

Our masonry expertise combined with our woodworking skills provides our customers with a multitude of interior and exterior home improvement projects to tackle.  

Traditional Masonry

Additionally our masonry skillsets work to serve our customers by tackling basic and tarditional masonry projects needing attention such as stairs, concrete walkways and more.

Brick Face

Brick-face or “thin-brick” as it is is also referred serves a great masonry enhancement in a multitude of applications. Our experience with thin brick as a full masonry contractor provides for the ability to color-coordinate or enhance through contrast both interior and exterior projects.


Our affinity for masonry extends to traditional ceramic and porcelain tile thus allowing for us to tackle a multitude of interior projects. (See also our custom work with barn doors and stained wood products)

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