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Residential Snow Removal Service – Understanding The Key Points

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Residential Snow Removal 

Understanding The Key Points of Service  


By Forever Green Landscape Construction & Design – Bergen County NJ

Why Residential Snow Removal?

Anyone who has lived in New Jersey for any relative point of time has come to know the severity that a New Jersey winter can bring. New Jersey nor’easters are famous for high winds, ice, and crippling amounts of snowfall. For obvious reasons commercial properties require professional snow service to remove and clean their snow. 


But why residential snow removal? There are a number of different reasons why homeowners aren’t able to clean their own snow. Some people have physical limitations along with health issues that prevent them from engaging in laborious work like snow removal. Others yet may be landlords to properties that occupy tenants where they have an obligation to clean the snow. Others yet have an obligation to help elderly family members that live alone are unable to help them

It’s common to find casual help or a friendly neighbor who will help clean the snow on smaller storms. Unfortunately the good samaritan who helps out in a 6” snow storm or the neighborhood handyman who clean up for a few bucks quickly find themselves in over their head when a heavy snowfall hits.

Many of these people begin calling and scrambling to fill the void of the snow removal help they no longer have. Worse yet, is that the same heavy snow storms leave them snowbound which is a potentially dangerous situation. 

Depending on Others

The Liability of Snow Removal as a Safety Issue

Heavy snow falls can greatly burden emergency services entry into a home such as Fire response and EMS. Equally a person who has to get out to see a doctor finds themselves snowbound with no quantifiable time of when the snow can be expected to be cleaned. This is a problem for anyone but exceptionally concerning for landlords who have a legal obligation to keep their properties safe.

 A landlord may find themselves with liability concerns due to any medical emergency suffered by a tenant who was prohibited from leaving their residence where the property was made inaccessible due to uncleaned snow and ice. 


The best practice in mitigating all these scenarios is to contract a reliable residential snow removal service who can provide services on a routine and regular basis. Proper snow removal service such as ours, are dialed into the weather and have their ear to the ground on weather conditions, thus preparing in advance before the snow even begins to fall.

Failure To Winterize a Snow Blower

It is common for the average homeowner to forget to winterize their snow blowers and test them in advance of an upcoming storm. Gasoline left in a snow blower from the previous season will almost always ensure a non-workable snow blower the first snowfall of the year. A proper snow service begins to look and prepare its equipment months in advance of the first snow fall. 

Many people often take to the streets at the culmination of a snow event only to find the heavy snow almost impossible to move and or their snow removal equipment ineffective against the massive accumulation. 


The proper practice, as carried out by an experienced snow removal service, is to clean the snowfall in succession through the storm making sure the property is never incapacitated. Whereby most homeowners are still snow bound by storms end, customers on a regular snow removal route are typically able to get in and out of the property with minimal effort. While others are digging out we are rounding in our final visits to tidy up the small accumulation left behind and apply ice melters where and when applicable.

Buyer Beware

Buyer beware. An attractive price to plow a driveway is a significant difference from a properly written and constructed snow removal contract. Many inexperienced companies jump into the snow removal business believing they will make their money in attractive prices and large volume and completely fail to identify what services will be rendered, when services will be needed, and how much the customer can expect to pay for the service rendered absent surprise pricing. These companies almost always bail on their customers given the first heavy snowfall. A proper snow contract should be comprised of a gradient increase in snow storm accumulation amounts as well as pricing for contingency operations such as loader service, ice breaking and pricing on applications of ice melter along with  what conditions under which services will be rendered.  

24-7 Customer Access

Finally, one of the more important aspects of snow removal is real time access to your service. No customer wants to guess or feel abandoned during a storm. It is our policy to provide our customers with our cell phone information and answer text messages inquiries on updates should a customer feel the need to have an estimated time of service. Companies who send customers to voicemail during a storm are creating bigger problems by leaving customers to worry, concern and sometimes panic over a snow removal event. 

Don’t get snow bound this winter! If you have a need for residential snow removal, contact us today to schedule an appointment.